1. A channel dedicated to Euro-Mediterranean women

NISSA TV is more than just a project, it is a dream. It could be the dream of any woman born on either side of the Mediterranean Sea.

The TV channels on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea broadcast programmes that remain archaic and superficial, especially when intended for women. They draw a crude female caricature in the minds of women – and of men. The kind of images in which southern women wear niqab and northern ones wear thongs; where women have not the right to drive in the South, and pose naked on the bonnet of a car in the North…

NISSA TV is an innovative and unprecedented entrepreneurial project driven by motivated and determined professionals. The team is part of the Euromed Audiovisual Productions association, which aims to promote the NISSA TV project in political, economic and financial terms.

2. Introduction to the project

NISSA TV will be the first Euro-Mediterranean TV channel that directly promotes equality between men and women and works to reinforce the role of women within the Union for the Mediterranean countries. The channel will base the head office and much of its studio space in Brussels, with a view to establishing offices in numerous capital cities of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

NISSA TV channel responds to a pressing and growing need, expressed by millions of men and women from the region. The channel will be a communication bridge between women from separate shores and women from the same shore. All social and professional groups without exception will have the right to speak.

The channel will support, and serve as a witness to the radical changes which take place in relationships between men and women on both sides of the Mediterranean.

3. Objectives

The objectives of NISSA TV are realistic but ambitious:

NISSA TV will reflect the political and socio-economic advances in Euro-Mediterranean countries. Focused on modernity, its strategy is to dismantle the accepted stereotypes of Euro-Mediterranean women. It will allow them to express their differences and their freedom to be who they are, despite the roles to which they have always been restricted.

Eager to meet viewers’ expectations, NISSA TV will be the voice of and a symbol of support for women from Stockholm to Beirut, from Rabat to Berlin. It will showcase their involvement in socio-economic, cultural, legal and political development.

The channel will deal with issues, such as access to education, work, birth control, equality of rights and duties between men and women… It will broadcast both short and long ground reports and investigations. It will let women speak through debates, original and interactive programmes, portraits, interviews, and testimonies. NISSA TV will provide a stage to all those engaged in the emancipation of women.

4. NISSA TV editorial guideline

NISSA TV will broadcast programmes that reflect reality yet remain distanced from any political motives, leaving each viewer, male or female, free to form their own judgments. It will ensure plurality of opinions and beliefs. It will show the everyday lives of the Euro-Mediterranean populace and of those more officially involved (politicians, NGOs, civil society, international, regional and national organizations etc.) in gender equality and an intercultural dialogue.

Closer to viewers

A Swedish villager, an Egyptian surgeon and a Croatian teacher: what could these women have in common? Whatever the societies and cultures they belong to, all women cope with similar events, emotions, joys, questions and issues. They deal with them in their own, unique way, adopting different, surprising and often fascinating approaches.

NISSA TV programmes will strive to appeal to men and women of all ages, of all social classes and living in the 43 UfM countries: an audacious challenge, which requires a programming schedule as demanding as it is eclectic.

5. NISSA TV philosophy

What will NISSA TV programmes focus on?

NISSA TV will not only give a voice to women, but also to men! Their vision of femininity and the different ways they comprehend this “other” half of human kind will be interesting, enlightening, comforting, entertaining, sometimes shocking… but will enable viewers to react with gentleness or strength to their thoughts.

6. Multilingual and multi-support channel

NISSA TV will broadcast its programmes in three languages: French, English and Arabic. Thanks to information and communication technologies, the channel will be available through cable, satellite and live streaming: